Leeds Airport Guide to Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA)

Leeds Airport Parking map

For those who may need to park their car in Leeds Airport parking facilities, there is the Premier Short Stay, the Short Stay, the Mid Stay, the Long Stay, the Viking Airport Parking, the Terminal Front Express Parking and the Meet and Greet parking lot.

See each parking lot features as follows:

- Premium Short Stay: It is located at a 2-minute’ walk to the main terminal.

- Short Stay: It is ideal for short trips. It is located at a 2-minute’ walk to the main terminal.

- Mid Stay: For long trips, the Mid Stay parking lot is ideal. It is located within 2-3 minute’ walk to the main terminal.

- Viking Airport Parking: If you wish to get your car parked by Leeds Airport staff, you should only leave your car at reception.

- Long Stay: This is your choice for parking your vehicle in case of a long stay trips. It is located within 4-5 minutes from the main terminal by the free shuttle bus.

- Terminal Front Express Parking: This is the closest parking lot to the main airport. It is suitable for very short duration stays and to get straight to Leeds Airport terminal. It is located within a minute walk to the terminal.

- Meet & greet: Drop off your car and it will be parked by the airport staff. You can only use this service by booking it. Opening hours: From 04:30 am to 00:00 am.


You can ride the free shuttle bus 24/7 which connects Leeds Airport with the airport parking lots. It stops facing the main terminal building.